How to Become a Happier YOU in 2013 — Part One

1. Allow yourself to feel vivacious about your life on this planet…

We all need a to feel strongly about living our life, and to be able to express those feelings to others. Appreciate what you have: your family, friends, pets, possessions, etc. And learn to find beauty in even the small things: a bird serenading you from its perch on a tree; the changing color spectrum of the sky overhead; a cool breeze against your cheek on a hot summer’s day, etc.

People with a zest for life make it a priority to notice beautiful things and take in beautiful events every single day. Oftentimes, the truly happy do this unconsciously; either from habit, or simply because they got the right start in life and have never lived their life any other way.

2. Know that you deserve “it”…

“It” is very personal to each an every one of us. Most people have no idea what “it” really is, and many of us will never be able to change our defeatist attitude long enough to actually find “it.” “It” is true happiness: feeling fulfilled in more ways than one. The knowledge that if you died tomorrow, you could leave feeling as if you made an impact in some way and that you achieved something that most people spend/waste 50 years or more dreaming about.

You deserve true happiness—embrace your happiness and stop holding onto your failures (both impending failures and those that have happened already).

3. Know when to hold em’ and know when to fold em…

“Know when to walk away, and know when to run…” If that quote sounds familiar, but you can’t quite put your thumb on where it’s from—look no further than the song ‘The Gambler’ by Kenny Rogers: its lyrics have many life-altering connotations depending on a person’s state of mind when they listen to it.

Happy people know that they can’t change what’s already happened, and that many things will happen in the future that are beyond their control. That doesn’t imply that everything is out of your control: you can control your state of mind, personal growth, education—and make solid plans to achieve all of those things.

What you can’t control are the inevitable ups (falling in love, out-of-the-blue career opportunities, winning the lottery, meeting your best friend, etc.) and the downs (you or your loved ones getting sick, dying, hurt, suffering a job loss, natural disasters, traffic accidents, etc.) Unhappy people spend a long time, sometimes a lifetime dwelling on accidents, failures, and even their positive achievements to the point where nothing else of real significance ever ends up happening in their life because of their lingering mindset.

Happy people are often looked down upon when these and other situations unfold because they have a clear idea of what they can and cannot control and realize that holding on to the unimportant aspects of life won’t benefit their long-term mental health and happiness. Happy people work toward achieving their personal goals and let the cards fall where they may; trusting that everything positive and negative has a reason for happening, and dwelling too long on either will inhibit their personal and professional growth.

Words of an optimist

4. Happy people ooze optimism…

We all know that we have to have a positive outlook on the future in order to be happy. Many of you who’re reading this will fall into one of two general categories:

  • The Optimist: Everything has an upside, you know something good will happen today, people love to be around you, and there are limitless opportunities available to you and your loved ones. As an optimist, those around you see you as someone who glides effortlessly through life. You attract other optimists who want to give and receive positive energy, and also pessimists who either want to draw you into their paranoia, or who are perhaps seeking change and see you as someone who can help effect that change.
  • The Pessimist: Normally a narcissist, you believe most of us are put here to suffer, nothing good ever happens, happy people are clueless and just fooling themselves, rich people are lucky, when something good happens you know something bad is sure to follow, you constantly ruin people’s good mood with your incessant need to point out all the negative outcomes that can result from any and all actions. As a pessimist, you create sandpaper-like friction wherever you go; alienating optimists who view you as a major buzz-kill, while attracting other pessimists who crave someone to swap stories of scepticism and betrayal with.

Many people would argue that the word needs both optimists and pessimists, as each have a necessary point-of-view to add to particular situations. Happy people are optimists though, and this post is all about YOU becoming a happier person in 2013. If you’re a pessimist who’s on the fence, it’s time to choose sides so you can create a happier you in the coming year!

5. Embrace family and other positive people who embrace you…

So many cultures outside of North America understand this as the number one key to happiness in one’s life. Unhappy people tend to withdraw from family and friends, finding solace in loneliness and excessive ‘personal time’. It’s important to realize that we are born as social creatures and that we do indeed need to be around people we love and respect in order to be happy.

While some of us have had a bumpy road with regard to family-life and finding love from the outside world; you can’t ever let yourself give up. Keep finding ways to spend time with your family, and to also grown your social flower—it’s really never too late to start.

Your mindset is the only thing preventing you from flourishing and carving out your own special place in the world!

Be generous, be kind, and expect nothing in return.

To be continued…

Happiness is within your reach



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